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Dea Vita, Dea Spiritus, Dea Animus
She is All Things in All Times

This is it. The last day of life as I have come to know, and love, it. The Apocalypse is among us. It’s all done but the crying. Let us feast tonight for tomorrow may be no more.

Tomorrow, my lovely, beautiful, charming, witty, intelligent, and overall perfect daughter, light of my life and marrow of my existence, becomes......ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh .....a TEENAGER.

And I will smile and present her with the new cell phone that takes pictures and stores music and texts at unheard of speed. And I will be the coolest mom in the world in front of all her little friends. And I will laugh and and roll my eyes on the proper ques.

But that is tomorrow. Tonight I will sing lullabies and dream of stuffed frogs with purple vests, Queen Frost of Candyland, and blue flavored Koolaid.

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I’m about to start rereading "Circle Of Stones" by Judith Duerk. I’ve read it one and had a huge emotional response. I think I’ll add some of my feelings and observations here as I go this time. It might help.

I’ve also ordered the follow-up "I Sit Listening to the Wind" which I hope arrives soon. Maybe by the time I finish this one I’ll be ready to start.

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I had a few extra days before starting fall semester so I reread Avalon Within.  I thoroughly recommend it for any woman trying to move forward on her own spiritual path.
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But it still sucks to be stuck in the house cleaning on such a beautiful day.
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